"About the Author"

M.B Anthony is a foster parent that has served many children and young adults for the past 11 years. Serving in this capacity has given the author first-hand knowledge, of what many have and are currently surviving. This story is the fictionalized version of many young people, and their experiences with their parents, the foster care and educational systems, and the current epidemic of human trafficking happening in Portland Oregon, and just about every port city in America. You do not want to miss how the young people in this story turn the tables and take over.


The Four (4) Personalities

The main characters of the book

  • Sonya - Sanguine (Popular)

    The Talker
    “Where’s the fun”
    Cheerful, Creative,
    Outgoing, Goal-oriented
    Fun-loving, Impulsive
    *Controls by Charm or Circumstances
  • Noah - Melancholy (Perfectionist)

    The Doer
    “Get it done”
    Goal-oriented, Driven
    *Control’s by Fear or Threat of Anger.
  • Jennifer - Phlegmatic (Peaceful)

    The Watcher
    “Keeper of the Peace”
    Relaxed, Adaptable
    Flexible, Non-emotional
    *Controls by Procrastination or Indecision

  • Jackson - Choleric (Powerful)

    The Thinker
    “Pure Strategist”
    Detailed, Neat
    Fierce, Brave, Violent
    Organized, Perfectionist, Leader
    *Controls by Thereat or Fear

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